I started RetireOne® because the time had come for a new and better way to meet the needs of the millions of Americans who are falling short of retirement savings goals and who run the real risk of running out of money during their retirement.

It was very strange to me that the solutions available to consumers really depended upon whether their financial intermediary was a commission broker/agent or a fee-based fiduciary. A commission-based rep/agent will likely sell their client an annuity to help solve for the retirement income needs. On the other hand, a fee-based advisor will build and manage an investment portfolio that will attempt to last throughout retirement and the advisor will never even consider any form of guaranteed income.

Why is it that the annuity industry sells over $250 billion annually and virtually none of it is with fiduciary wealth managers? From our discussions with advisors, the biggest concern is the “annuity black box” concept. Once assets go into this black box, the advisor is on the outside looking in and concepts of control, asset selection, low fees/fee transparency and liquidity are gone.

We are leveraging technology with a receptive insurance industry to once and for all unlock the black box. What this means is that for the first time there is a platform that can provide consumers with a range of guaranteed income solutions that allow for your professional money management with no commissions, investment choice, low fees/fee transparency, control and liquidity.

Now that we have unlocked the black box, take a look at our solutions and how we can work with you to solve for the realities of market volatility, low interest rates, and longer life expectancies.

As a fiduciary, can you ignore that black swan events are becoming more frequent, interest rates remain at historical low levels, life expectancy continues to increase and that the sequence of return risk is real and can devastate a portfolio? Your clients will be looking to you for those solutions that are in their best interest and we can help you solve these needs.