Growth, Income & Principal Protection Structured Notes

A structured note is a powerful portfolio tool that can provide flexible return and protection options. An investor can target a level of expected returns over a defined time period with structured notes.

A few potential benefits of including in a diversified portfolio are capital protection, yield enhancement and upside participation – providing a middle ground between bonds and stocks. Most all structured notes have four basic components:

  1. Underlying – normally an index, stock, or basket of stocks that the note’s performance tracks
  2. Return/payoff – the percent return an investor receives over the term of a note
  3. Protection – the amount an investor is protected from price declines in the underlying asset
  4. Maturity/term – the time period over which the note is held, anywhere between 6 months and 20 years

There are three main types of structured notes depending on investment objectives:

  • GROWTH NOTES – usually structured to participate in the upside returns of the underlying assets, with a level of downside protection included
  • INCOME NOTES – these notes have defined coupon payments that an investor receives, contingent on the performance of the underlying asset
  • PRINCIPAL PROTECTION NOTES (PPNs) – primarily focused on capital protection with a level of expected returns when held to maturity

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