Contingent Deferred Annuities

Our proprietary technology unbundles annuity insurance protections from underlying investments. This allows advisors to transfer risk for clients to an insurance company, without moving assets.

The resulting solution, a Contingent Deferred Annuity (CDA), allows retail mutual funds and ETFs to be wrapped in brokerage accounts, IRAs or Roth IRAs to generate lifetime income for clients even if the covered assets are depleted (subject to the claims paying ability of the insurance company). And since qualified or non-qualified assets may be covered, this Portfolio Retirement Income Guarantee does not change the tax status of the covered assets.


In your Constance Certificate form, the “Subscription Fee” is referred to as the “Certificate Fee.”

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Complimentary White Paper: "Unbundling Investments from Insurance to Solve for Lifetime Sequence-of-Return Risk"

by Wade Pfau, Ph.D.,
Learn how the impact of sequence risk on sustainable retirement spending can be mitigated in a straightforward way by creating a risk wrapper for the investment portfolio through a contingent deferred annuity.