Rethinking65: “[New annuity] can wrap client brokerage accounts, traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs with the lifetime income protection.”

Dorothy Hinchcliff’s retirement publication, Rethinking65, reported on the launch of our new CDA which we developed in partnership with Midland National. This new contingent deferred annuity, Constance, promises to overcome some of the technological hurdles to adoption traditional income solutions have faced in the past.

“Through our partnership with Midland National, Constance improves advisor and client experiences, lowers internal costs, and makes the income guarantees ‘portable’ from custodian to custodian.”

– David Stone, RetireOne Co-Founder and CEO

The article explains Constance’s ability to provide retirement income by unbundling the insurance protections from the underlying investments, points out different ways RIAs can take advantage of this, and lists a few of the fund managers whose ETFs and mutual funds are eligible for use with Constance.

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