InvestmentNews: “Annuity targeting RIAs applies living benefit to separate fund, ETF portfolios”

RetireOne’s contingent deferred annuity for the registered investment adviser market includes about 200 mutual funds, ETFs and model portfolios.

Covering the launch of the Constance contingent deferred annuity, InvestmentNews’ Emile Hallez explains how this partnership between Midland National and RetireOne brings to market a commission-free living benefit that is “paired with, but separate from, about 200 mutual funds, ETFs and model portfolios that RIAs can select from numerous investment providers.”

He explains what differentiates Constance from variable annuities, the cost, different payment options, and some of the benefits Constance provides.

“This is really a sequence-of-return-risk product,” RetireOne CEO Dave Stone said. “Anybody who’s within five years of retirement … [could be] a perfect candidate for this.”

Hallez goes on to speak in more general terms about retirement annuity adoption amongst RIAs and insurance providers, referencing surveys conducted by Cerulli Associates and  others.

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