Infographic: 2021 Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey

Lifetime Income or a Fully-Stocked Wine Cellar?

2021 RIA PARIS IGOf all the words to describe the last nearly 2 years, “uncertainty” may be the most appropriate. And in times of uncertainty, our natural inclination is to seek predictability. Results from the 2021 “RIA Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey” find that’s particularly true for the investment advisory business.

Our joint survey of 198 financial advisors who identify themselves as either “RIA,” “Dually Registered,” “Hybrid,” or “TAMP/TPIA” finds advisor enthusiasm for annuities growing as their clients favor the predictability of guaranteed income1 and defined outcomes afforded them by protected accumulation; yet many advisors are ignoring other important client insurance needs.

Check out the infographic or download the Executive Summary to learn more.