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Lifetime Income or a Fully-Stocked Wine Cellar? Of all the words to describe the last nearly 2 years, “uncertainty” may be the most appropriate. And in times of uncertainty, our natural inclination is to seek predictability. Results from the 2021 “RIA Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey” find that’s particularly true for the investment advisory...
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Executive Summary
Lifetime Income or a Fully-Stocked Wine Cellar? RIAs understand the critical role of lifetime income in their clients’ financial lives  Results from Protective’s joint “2021 RIA Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey” with RetireOne indicate that while some advisors believe annuities offering guaranteed lifetime income give clients peace of mind, there’s still a lack of...
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SOR Risk Is Worse icon2
Sequence of returns risk (“SOR”), the risk that markets may go south as retirees begin taking income, is a well-publicized phenomenon. Though, because of its recency, Moshe Milevsky laments that it lacks a true measure or definition. In this report for Jackson he suggests a standardized measure—a sort of Richter scale for SOR that attempts to...
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Fragile Decade Icon
The last five working years and first five in retirement can be fraught with risk for American savers. During this “fragile decade” a bad sequence of returns can have a negative and lasting impact on client portfolios, and threaten the ability to make retirement savings last. For instance, a client who suffers a 33 percent...
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Pfau Whitepaper Icon
Dr. Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA® recently partnered with inStream to create a portfolio simulator tool that incorporates fixed indexed annuities as an asset class. The tool allows users to compare hypothetical performance of traditional portfolios against those that also include allocations to fixed indexed annuities (FIAs). In his research, Dr. Pfau deployed FIAs as a...
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